1015 Ocean Blvd - The Crown Manor



President Clinton and family vacationed here in 1994
Initially Listed in 1996 at $12,000,000.00
Later Reduced to $7,900,000.00
Finally Sold this year (2000) for $5,500,000.00
Number of Bedrooms: 27
House Square Feet: 20,000
Built: 1902

The home at 1015 Ocean is 20,000 square-feet of Tudor styling which classifies it as the largest private residence (27 bedrooms) in Coronado. Bartlett Richards, a Nebraska rancher, had the home built in 1902. The designers were Will S. Hebbard and Irving J. Gill. In 1914 changes and additions were made for the second owner: Agnes Florence Kennett Dupee Burnham. A South and East wing were added. These areas provided housing for the army of servants required by her large amount of entertaining. At some point Mrs Burnham moved to Bel Air and sold the house. At some point, a Mr. Van Ness acquired the house and owned it until his death in the early 70's. At that point the property included more than an acre including a greenhouse and gazebo. The property was reportedly bought by Mr. Greg McPartlin, owner of the local Coronado Irish Pub McP's restaurant for $375,000.00, with the intention of converting it to an inn. That project fell through and the house was eventually bought by a physician. Mr. Larry Lawrence owned a house on Glorietta Blvd in Coronado and reportedly traded houses, to become the most famous owner of the house. (Reference: 90% of the above information provided by a personal communication from Dr. Joseph B. Young of the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago = the great great nephew of Mrs. Burnham).

The Bartlett Richards Manor (circ. 1911)

M. Larry Lawrence (1926 - 1996), undoubtably is be the most famous modern day resident of Coronado (see Appendix: M. Larry Lawrence). He was the previous owner of the Hotel del Coronado, a philanthropist, active Democrat, and personal friend of President Clinton. In fact President Clinton and family vacationed at this house in the summer of 1994.

Mr. Lawrence named his house the "Crown Manor."

A brass plate with that name is located just to the right of the south gate.

This house was even peripherally involved with the MonicaGate Scandal. On Thursday January 22, 1998, prominent Republican activist Arianna Huffington, in a well-publicized column in the New York Post, charged that Clinton selected Larry Lawrence, as ambassador to Switzerland in 1993 as a sexual payoff. Huffington quoted an unnamed source as saying that the president selected him for the post because he had "turned a blind eye toward Clinton's affair with his wife." The affair supposedly took place at 1015 Ocean Blvd., the Lawrence's residence, with Sheila Lawrence, Larry's fourth wife. Sheila, who recently sold the property, denounced the column as "outrageous" and "scurrilous."

After Mr. Lawrence died, Sheila tried to sell the house, with asking price $12,000,000.00. But it did not sell. After two years two years, the list price was reduced to $7,900,000.00. The Crown Manor finally sold this year (2000) as per tax records for $5,500,000.00. The "Black" family with 5 children from Rancho Sante Fe (San Diego North County) bought it.

Directly in front of 1015 Ocean Blvd., there is a sand bar that creates a good place to ride the waves on a surfboard. After Mr. Lawrence’s passing, local surfers affectionately refer to this surfing spot as "Dead Larry’s." Surfers have never been known for their reverence.

Reference: the information regarding the sale prices and the dates that the properties were sold was provided by Shirley Miller, a realtor in Coronado (Shirley has since retired). She obtained the information mostly off the "MLS" (I believe that stands for "Multiple Listing Service").

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